About Us

Copy Cat Shop is newly launched, as of January 2016 for serious cat lovers.

Surrounded by cat lovers, the Copy Cat Shop Team’s aim is to put both you and your cat in a class by yourselves.

Thus, the Team took extra care to put together a large, discrete collection which it believes you will find just right for both you and your lovable pet (your friends and their cats will adore it, as well).

Outfitting yourself and your cat with any item from the fine collection—and when you throw in his or her favorite toy—will be a sure winner.

All in all, Copy Cat Shop wants to assure you that there is no better satisfaction for the two of you, and that there is no better value!

Collection is not found in stores.

Product Shipment

Please note that all efforts will be made to ensure a prompt delivery. Therefore, your order will be shipped within seven days of placement.

However, because some products do occasionally run out of stock, please note that delivery time could vary around one to three weeks.

Return Policy

Most importantly, Copy Cats Shop wants you to be fully satisfied with your order. It wants your cat to be at his or her happiest with his or her merchandise; it wants you to be able to wear all of your merchandise with distinction. Pleasing both of you enhances its existence.

On the other hand, should you find the merchandise dissatisfactory for any reason, please feel free to return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Just contact Copy Cat Shop at the “Contact Us” Menu, detailing your reason for your dissatisfaction and it will gladly accommodate you.